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A cat is not an object, You are its companion for life!


The Coons'partner cattery is happy to present its new litter to you, (Siret 750 044 778 00074) located in Aude


- Professional family breeding of Maine Coon, holder of the acaced, and declared to the DDCSPP.


- Offering for adoption for company, 2 cute little Loof kittens (LOOF-83409574-2024-1), out of a litter of 2, born on 05/07/24 from the marriage of Douchka cats Uto (250269610824655), brown ticked tabby, and Uaco des Bos zamours from the domain of la contie Loof (250269591492542) black tortie smoke.


- Zut de Coons'partner, Male red mackerel tabby and white. The little go-getter, determined and greedy as can be, with bones, a square profile, top-notch characteristics. Cuddly, he is already purring under the caresses. (optional until 05/21)


- Yes from Coons'partner, male cream tabby or red smoke tabby. Little gem, little prince, he is calmer than his brother. a little coffee/cream, a cottony teddy bear, a real beauty in the making. (available for reservation)


They are raised in the family with cats and a dog who visits them. Accustomed to being handled, cuddled, kissed and caressed.


They will leave with vaccines (primary + first booster), microchips with fever detection, dewormed, sterilized, certificates of good health, kitten kit, commitment and knowledge contract.


Available from July 30 (following sterilization).


You will be able to follow their progress until the day of departure by a group created (photos every day, article on cats, support for understanding the needs of a Maine Coon).


The price is 1490€, possibility of payment in 3 or 4 installments after payment of the deposit (ONEY payment possibility for the rest of the amount), a deposit of 500€ will be requested upon reservation and is not refundable in the event of 'cancelation.


Welcome to my baby loves and congratulations to the beautiful catparents!

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