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The Coons'partner's mission and philosophy is to give birth to perfectly healthy kittens, psychologically and physiologically weaned. I take care in choosing the families who adopt my animals. I will never confide my kittens if I am not 100% sure that the home is not suitable for them. The Maine Coon is patient, very sociable, intelligent, gets along well with children and other domestic animals in general, loyal, affectionate. Some nickname them the “Gentle Giant”, and others have given them the name “cat-dog”, in connection with some of their characteristics which are similar to those of the dog. For example, he brings back toys that are thrown to him and has nothing against being walked on a leash! It does not tolerate solitude well, which makes it an animal of choice for families. Unlike many cats, the Maine Coon likes water: don't be surprised to see him splashing in his bowl, fishing out his objects or even seeing him join you in your bath!

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